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Entry #7


2010-02-22 21:16:55 by elementell

So you wanna talk bad bout walruses eh
the first amendment allows you to say
whatever you want, so say away
but there are walruses all around those bays
everywhere you wouldn't expect they
would be around, they're even in your house to this day
Just waitin for the day you slip up, let your emotions astray
whats stopping them from messin you up tomorrow or today?
nothin, thats what, so you better stop the play
I mean hey jay don't get caught in their fray
or you're toast, whered you get that anti walrus spray?
will you trust that to your grave?
just lemmie get out what I was trying to say
don't fuck with walruses
if you want to be alive the rest of the day


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2010-02-22 21:20:54

a song..


2010-07-07 10:12:14

I do not wish to speak ill of walruses.